About Me


My name is Ashley Wirta. I grew up in small town near Portland, Oregon called Camas, Washington. By growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I’m inevitably a huge outdoors enthusiast. I enjoy horseback riding, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and probably any other outdoor activity you can think of. I also have a huge passion for cooking and food. I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. Family is very important to me and I am close with them all.

I first decided to attend Washington State University when I was a senior in high school. I initially wanted to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine to become an equine veterinarian.  I spent my entire freshman year taking animal science classes. By the end of the year, I decided the college of veterinary medicine was not the right fit for me. Although I still have a passion for horses, I realized it is something I can pursue on the side without enduring six years of grueling vet school. Therefore, I decided to take on a degree in communications. I am specializing in public relations.

This summer I will be taking this class online in Pullman. From this class I hope to learn how to utilize media to help with public relations, use techniques to solve public relations crisis, and how to apply these strategies and techniques to real world situations. I am also enrolled to take ComJour 333 during the second summer session. To keep me busy during the down time, I just got employed as a server at Banyans. I will be graduating in December of 2016. I don’t have any plans after I graduate thus far.